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To enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer 6.X:

  • •   Select "Internet Options" from the "Tools" menu
  • •   Select the "Security" tab
  • •   Click "Trusted Sites" in the web content zone panel
  • •   Click "Sites"
  • •   Type "prime.lavalife.com" in the "Add this Web site to the zone" field
  • •   Click "Add"
  • •   Uncheck "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone"
  • •   Click "OK"

To enable JavaScript in Firefox:

  • •   Select "Options" from the Tools menu
  • •   Click the "Content" tab
  • •   Make sure "Enable JavaScript" is checked
  • •   Click the "Advanced" button
  • •   Make sure the following are checked:
    • •   Move or resize existing windows
    • •   Raise or lower windows
    • •   Disable or replace context menus
    • •   Change images
  • •   Click "OK" twice
  • •   Hit Refresh
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Single over 40? Love over 50? lavalifePRIME is an online dating and personals site for boomer singles seeking seniors for love, travel, relationships, hobbies, the meaning of life, friendship, exercise, chat, relationships, and matchmaking. 1000's of American singles, Canadian singles looking to meet right away!

Your Life Experiences!

  • > Let others get to know the real you by sharing your Life Experiences
  • > Add a photo, audio or video to make your Life Experience more personal!
  • > Get to know others in the community by viewing their Life Experiences
"I like that Prime gives you the option to enter an audio, video or text Life Experiences. Finally we're starting to see dating sites build out more expressive profiles, it's about time!"
David Evans, Online Dating Insider

Your Community

lavalifePRIME is a new site designed exclusively for Baby Boomers that blends social networking with online dating. Thousands of new members have joined since the launch in July 2008 and are actively searching, chatting and connecting with other like-minded single Boomers, looking for everything from new relationships, networking opportunities and friends with whom to experience the adventures of life. The customized experience offered by lavalifePRIME is reflective of the mature, confident and fun-loving members' life stages, interests and attitudes.