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hello Hello HELLO...Looking For ME?
Female, 54, from Schaumburg, Illinois, USA is seeking: Friends
Currently living in New Zealand!
Female, 57, from Wairoa, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand is seeking: Relationships
the eyes never say lie
Female, 67, from Ankara, Ankara, Turkey is seeking: Relationships, Travel Companions, Friends, Activity partners
Still living and smiling at life ... :-)
Male, 69, from Powell River, British Columbia, Canada is seeking: Relationships, Travel Companions, Friends, Activity partners
love for life
Male, 40, from Babrala, Uttar Pradesh, India is seeking: Relationships, Friends
Im the one you're looking for
Male, 42, from Adelanto, California, USA is seeking: Relationships
SUFF221 (0)
seeking for a honest man
Female, 40, from Arvada, Colorado, USA is seeking: Relationships
never loose hope,keep it real
Female, 40, from Paradise, California, USA is seeking: Relationships
Delicate Balance
Male, 63, from Caldwell, New Jersey, USA is seeking: Relationships
Just one more thing...
Female, 63, from New York, New York, USA is seeking: Relationships, Friends
Hi ,whatsup!!!
Male, 53, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is seeking: Relationships
Un fromage bien műr est toujours meilleur... Retraité disponible, tout son temps pour aimer ;-)
Male, 72, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada is seeking: Relationships, Travel Companions, Friends, Activity partners
Life is short
Male, 50, from Los Angeles, California, USA is seeking: Activity partners
Nice Guy Looking For A Nice Lady
Male, 63, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada is seeking: Relationships, Activity partners
HUNT251 (1)
looking for a friend
Male, 40, from New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA is seeking: Relationships
MATT (1)
change and change for the better are two different things..
Male, 61, from Markham, Ontario, Canada is seeking: Relationships, Activity partners
Mature montreal male seeking Mature Montreal Females
Male, 64, from Montreal-Ouest, Quebec, Canada is seeking: Friends, Activity partners
hi love to chat
Male, 65, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada is seeking: Activity partners
active traveler
Female, 67, from Charleston, South Carolina, USA is seeking: Relationships, Travel Companions
Age and race does not define attraction
Male, 50, from Kennesaw, Georgia, USA is seeking: Travel Companions, Friends, Activity partners
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Single over 40? Love over 50? lavalifePRIME is an online dating and personals site for boomer singles seeking seniors for love, travel, relationships, hobbies, the meaning of life, friendship, exercise, chat, relationships, and matchmaking. 1000's of American singles, Canadian singles looking to meet right away!

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"I like that Prime gives you the option to enter an audio, video or text Life Experiences. Finally we're starting to see dating sites build out more expressive profiles, it's about time!"
David Evans, Online Dating Insider

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lavalifePRIME is a new site designed exclusively for Baby Boomers that blends social networking with online dating. Thousands of new members have joined since the launch in July 2008 and are actively searching, chatting and connecting with other like-minded single Boomers, looking for everything from new relationships, networking opportunities and friends with whom to experience the adventures of life. The customized experience offered by lavalifePRIME is reflective of the mature, confident and fun-loving members' life stages, interests and attitudes.